Virtual Medication Management

Dr. Patel may prescribe medication to patients in California and Florida. This may include the continuation of a medication you were previously prescribed or the introduction of a new medication. Dr. Patel will thoroughly discuss each medication she prescribes to you. It is important to Dr. Patel that you understand your medication’s indication, use, side effects, risks, benefits, and if any alternatives are available.

Medication Management Consultation

During your visits with Dr. Patel, she will evaluate your need for prescription medication. It is important to Dr. Patel that you fully understand your condition and all available treatment options. As above, if a medication is prescribed by Dr. Patel, she will thoroughly discuss the medication and why it is specifically recommended for you.

Please note that a few medication trials may be needed in order to identify which medication works best for you and your condition. Dr. Patel will work with you to identify the appropriate medication regimen.

Monitoring your Medications

Whether or not medication is prescribed at your consultation, Dr. Patel will continue to evaluate you at each visit to determine if medication is an appropriate option for your condition at any given time.

Dr. Patel will collaborate with you when choosing a medication to ensure that the benefits of the medication significantly outweighs any risks. Although side effects may occur, Dr. Patel will never encourage use of a medication that may put you at serious risk.

When a medication is prescribed, Dr. Patel encourages you to maintain an open line of communication with her so that she can make adjustments in a timely manner, as needed.

Tips for Medication Use and Adherence

As medication regimens may change, especially if you are seeing multiple health care providers, it is important that you have an up to date list of your medications. Please follow these tips:

  • Know your medications: Keep an updated list of your medications including name, dose, frequency, and reason for taking this medication. It is important to know what medications you are taking for yourself and when discussing your care with other health care providers.
  • Communicate with your providers: Please notify all of your doctors about any changes to your medication regimen, even if it is not a change prescribed by him/her. This will help minimize the risk of harmful interactions between your medications.

The way in which you take medication may vary for each medication you are prescribed. For example, some may need to be taken daily while others are taken as needed. It is important that all medications are taken as prescribed. To ensure proper adherence to your medication, please follow these tips:

  • Make a list of your medications: Have an updated list of each of your medications so you know each medication you are taking and when you need to take it. Grouping together medications you need to take at the same time or on the same day may make taking your medications easier.
  • Store your medications where you will remember to take them: Keep your medications in a safe and secure location that you visit daily or frequently. This will ensure that you see your medication often and have access to it when you need to take it.
  • Use a reminder: Create a reminder on a calendar or an alert on your phone to help you remember when you need to taken your medication.
  • Use a pillbox: Pillboxes for daily, weekly, or monthly use are available. If you are taking multiple medications, this is an effective way to organize your medications by time of day or day of the week so that you do not forget if you took your medication on a particular day.
  • Communicate with your providers: Everyone does not tolerate medications or experience side effects in the same way. Experiencing intolerable side effects is one of the main reasons why people stop taking their medications. Keep in contact with Dr. Patel with any questions or concerns you may have about your medication so that she may make any necessary adjustments quickly and effectively.

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